Application Data Feeds

  • Commissioning or installing, a Management Application or OSS ?
  • Upgrading an existing Management Application or OSS?
  • Want reliable and continuously monitored data feeds?
  • Need additional or better quality data feeds?

You will be well aware that the Telecom OSS/NMS environment is a continuously changing environment with application life span often of less than 5 years with frequent upgrades in the interim. Operators in this pressured environment often rely wholly on an SIs (Systems Integrators) to fulfill the data mediation requirements without prescription or specification.

Typically SIs will take a pragmatic but short-term project view of the data integration requirements and provide a custom-coded , point-2-point (stovepipe) solution. Established operators, through painful experience, are learning that these quick-fix custom solutions have a very high TCO and lead, over time, to a highly complex mesh of integrations. Aspiring lean-operators are now looking for smarter, more efficient product-based solutions.

Concert provides mediation solutions that are uniquely built from products tailored for telecom operating and management systems. Concert is designed to increase your overall systems agility, increase operational efficiency and help you become that lean operator.

Your first Concert solution can be your first step on an evolutionary path to a systems wide data mediation strategy.