Rationalization and Consolidation

  • Fed up paying data integration tax?
  • Need to reduce or manage complexity better?
  • Looking for a data integration strategy?
  • Seeking operational efficiencies?

Operators having deployed a number of NMS applications or OSSs notice a significant increase in the data integration related cost and problems, especially in multi-vendor environments. The following are inefficiencies that are commonly reported by consultants having performed a systems audit in relation to data integration:

  • The same or similar data is being extracted repeatedly from the same source systems.
  • Each data integration has its own different set of administration and support procedures.
  • The extracted data is locked inside the custom coded solutions.
  • Solution status is difficult or sometimes impossible to monitor.
  • The complexity of some solutions has become unsustainable in terms of cost to change.
  • Nobody in the organization seems to own or take responsibility for the data integration solutions.
The conclusion of such audits is typically that a strategic data integration support system is required for key systems or for a defined group of related systems.

Concert provides a product-based data integration support system tailored to telecom operations and management systems requirements. Concert enables a project-by-project evolution to a strategic data integration platform for your network operations and management application systems.

The pain, and moreover cost, associated with not having a data mediation strategy or platform is felt across all applications/OSSs at all stages of the lifecycle.