Business Interface Support

  • Outsourcing, or partnering with an equipment vendor?
  • Re-organizing your network or service operations?
  • Looking for a cost effective means to access or share network or service data?

Operating Companies are increasingly looking for operating efficiencies through restructuring their element, network or service management activities.

Reorganization objectives can range from refining internal operating processes, partnering with vendors (or other Operators) to wholesale outsourcing of activities. Almost all such reorganizations result in some form of systems integration project. Common initiatives include:

  • RAN Sharing
  • Element Management Outsourcing
  • Network Management Outsourcing
  • Centralization of NMC operations
  • Regionalization of Network Management
  • Operator mergers and acquisitions

Data propagation, sharing or event-forwarding are the most common requirements for the implementation of business-2-business integration projects between operators, vendors, or out-source service providers.

It is especially critical for such data integration projects that the solution be secure and reliable with sufficient flexibility to accommodate evolving business and management needs.

A Concert-based data integration will be the best-fit and most cost effective solution for your data mediation requirements.