Case Studies

Service Assurance with Outsourced Network Management

The service-provider in this case study wished to outsource the management of their Radio and Core networks as part of a strategic OpEx reduction strategy. In addition to this outsourcing, many other managed services were accommodated by other suppliers, vendors or partners. This new operating model required multiple new information flows between network (element) management systems and service quality management and assurance systems.
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2G & 3G Regional RAN

In order to provide Service Assurance, the Customer required a highly available data mediation solution between their UTRAN OSS and their Network Fault Management System. This requirement was complicated by the fact that both the customerís UTRAN network and NMS were regionalised.
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SDH Service Management

The Customer required a solution for the automated data synchronisation of transmission circuit data from their Cramer Inventory System to their Service Management System, TeMIP Service Monitor (TSM).
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Concert Enterprise ESB Integration

The service-provider in this case study wished to integrate service assurance and CMDB systems between their two national OSS centres in order to facilitate exchange of service assurance events, resource and service information and network topology data. The Concert event mediation platform was already deployed as a part of larger distributed service assurance system in one of the centres. ESB infrastructure was already deployed as a core of a bigger EAI project in the other centre. It was decided to use the Concert ESB libraries to extend the Concert solution and include the mediation of the additional ESB data in its responsibility.
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The Customer required a solution for the reconciliation of provisioned circuit inventory data with the actual circuit configuration in the network. Their Cramer inventory system had been manually populated with 2Mb and C7 circuit information over a 6 month period. By the time the population had been completed, the network configuration had changed and the inventory data could not be relied upon.
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Concert Netflow Mediator

NetFlow technology has been attractive to service providers because of its ability to help network capacity planning and traffic analysis. NetFlow monitoring provides additional visibility into network capacity and utilization by collecting and analyzing existing NetFlow records from routers and switches. Deploying and using NetFlow in the ISP/Telco environment has presented many challenges, the most challenging has been the ability to collect the massive number of flows required to produce the business critical information that is available through NetFlow analysis. The amount of statistical data collected and analyzed in the ISP/Telco network is typically orders of magnitude larger then in a large enterprise network. The service provider in this case study wanted IP Traffic Reporting from their IP backbone network which can generate up to 72 million flow records per minute over 850 router interfaces.
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Integrated Network Management

Concert was already in use in the customerís network management environment reconciling network topology and configuration data. The customer had a need to improve the decision support functionality of their alarm monitoring and handling system. The existing alarm correlation capabilities only used the data available in the alarm feed. The customer believed that if alarms could be correlated against network change data, the alarm resolution time would be significantly reduced. Many QoS alarms, especially in Radio networks, are caused by changes in configuration parameters. If the most recent configuration changes prior to an alarm being raised could be automatically identified, the time to resolution and human effort involved would be substantially reduced.
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