Load-it, Deliver-it Service Component

This multi-purpose component supports the managed production and delivery of bulk datasets (or snapshots) in a variety of modes of operation including

  • On-demand delivery or load,
  • Scheduled delivery or load,
  • Triggered delivery or load.

The component can be configured to support change data capture and notification of data changes (deltas) in one or more datasets. These deltas can be delivered in any form to a client including event streaming. This component can directly support managed dataset (file) transfer in combination with a dataset collector/receiver service component.

Managed data delivery or load can be supported in combination with an appropriate adapter.

Any given solution using this component will also require 1 broker, and 1 or more collection or reception service components configured as part of a solution assembly.

Solutions may optionally benefit from 1 or more data hubs being deployed, enabling data collected or processed to be shared by other solutions.